Transaortic valve implantation

Dr Rajiv on November 16 performed the first Transaortic valve implantation with MyVal in India on an extremely moribund 80 year old elderly male from Maldives.This 80 year old gentleman had presented with severe aortic stenosis and heart failure. He was cachectic with COPD and chronic kidney disease. In the heart team meet he was considered very high risk for surgical AVR and hence considered for percutaneous TAVR, Unfortunately he had calcified and tortuos iliac and femoral arteries making access from the leg arteries impossible. Along with CVTS colleagues Dr Balasubramaniam and Dr Murukan through a midline sternotomy in the Cathlab, Dr Rajiv delivered the aortic valve through a direct puncture on the exposed ascending aorta. This is the first such procedure on an indegenously developed valve by Merril Life Sciences based in Gujarat.